Autumn Moisture Maintenance


A wonderful cream featuring Cranberry Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Shea Oil. This was made on the blog on January 6th, 2010.


         602 grams water
          1 gram citric acid
          20 grams liquid glycerin
          32 grams emulsifying wax
          5 grams stearic acid
          43 grams Cranberry Seed Oil
          18 grams Tamanu Oil
          28 grams shea oil
          7.5 grams Germaben II
          7.5 grams fragrance oil, or applicable amount for a specific fragrance



Melt all ingredients together but Germaben II and fragrance. Cool to 140 F or below then add preservative and fragrance, stir well. Pour into containers.


We have used this lotion in a bottle with a high viscosity pump or disk top cap. This mixture is also thick enough to go in a jar. If you use jars, make sure to use sealing disks so the lotion isn't all in the cap!


Makes roughly 27 fl oz.