Chocolate Mousse Magnetism


I answered the phone one day and was greeted by a woman who is a hopeless chocoholic. "I've gotta have a to die for chocolate fragrance oil," she told me. I honestly couldn't imagine a more offensive scent for bath and body products. Boy, was I wrong! It happens occasionally, and I admit it. I'm currently seeking professional help for my addiction. If you're a non-believer like I was, give this recipe a try and see if you have any hidden tendencies. :-)

This was made on the blog on January 7th, 2010.



          microwave-safe container
          stirring utensil
          Containers for filling


Heat all ingredients except Germaben II and fragrance in microwave-safe container until completely melted. Blend using an immersion blender. Let the solution cool until you can comfortably rest your hands on the outside of the container. Add the fragrance oil and the Germaben II.

Pour into containers and continue to shake gently as they continue to cool.