Chunky Bath Fizzies


I love chemical reactions, bath bombs, Alka-Seltzer, it just doesn't matter. I don't know if it's those tiny effervescent bubbles or the squeals that emit from my daughter as we throw them into the tub. Talk about two hopeless bathtub junkies. I have done balls and tarts, hearts and even an occasional ghost but, I guess it's my simplistic nature (yes, I'm simple) that keeps me making chunks instead of something more refined.

This recipe was made on the blog on April 1st, 2009.



Mix dry ingredients together thoroughly. Spritz lightly with water and continue to mix, it is vital to the success of this recipe that the water portion be added at a very slow pace otherwise it will start to fizz. I have had the best results spritzing once or twice and then mixing before spritzing again. You can rotate between water and color mixture spritzing until you reach the desired range of color. Generally, it takes me approximately 1.5 ounces of fluid to obtain the consistency needed. You want to add just enough water so that the mixture is moist enough to hold itself together. It will appear crumbly in the bowl but, if you pick up a handful and squeeze it together, it should hold it's form. Next, you'll want to press the mixture into a jelly roll style pan. Let it harden for about 6-12 hours and then break it into desired size chunks and package into bags.

Notes & Comments

This recipe is also great for molding into small shapes.

***Hint- Adding color to this recipe can be done with ease if it is mixed into a small amount of water and spritzed lightly into the dry ingredients. Try a .15 cc scoop of the water-soluble dyes (Lemon Yellow Color is one) and be wowed by how easy it is to color your bath fizzies!