Citrus Blossom

March Soap Swap Winner


Pam holds the crown for being the very first MMS soap swap winner. You go girl!

This winning soap was a beautiful bar speckled with ground chamomile and scented with the enticing aroma of sweet orange & ylang-ylang essential oils. We loved it!




Blend oils and lye solution at 98 F. Add essential oils at a light trace. Sprinkle in ground chamomile and stir well. Pour in selected molds.


Pam told us she often uses this basic recipe and then throws in her own touches with the essential oil blend and the ground chamomile. It's her very favorite soap, it has a nice creamy lather and a wonderful aroma. Pam has been making this bar for 2 years now and from what we hear it's hard to get her out of the shower.

This recipe was the winner from a swap hosted by Majestic Mountain Sage in 2000.


Makes 6.7 pounds of soap.