Cleaning Beeswax


Beeswax is not easy to clean. Nor does it leave your kitchen clean.


Put water in the pot, add the cappings wax and simmer the water. Once the wax is completely melted remove the pot from the stove and allow it to cool. The wax will set up and sit on the water.

Once the wax is cold, remove it from the water and discard the water. Simmer this same way again! This time pour it out into a plastic dishpan that is for inserting into your sink to do dishes. Except pour the wax and water through a flour sack towel or tightly woven cloth. This catches all the dead bees and bee parts. Discard the cloth.

Allow the wax to cool and become solid. Remove it from the dishpan. Discard the water.

Allow the wax to dry for several days. Heat the wax in a double boiler (bain-marie) where the water is barely simmering in the lower pot and the wax is in the top pot. Pour the wax into molds.

That is it!

I use Orange Essential Oil when cleaning up. I saturate a cotton ball then clean the wax from my cold pots. I even use the orange to clean my floor and stove. Orange oil can damage the finish on some surfaces, so test first. Do not use orange oil near heat or flame. Once the wax is removed I follow up with soap and water.

Good luck!