Cleansing Body Polisher


          1/2 cup Dead Sea Salt, Fine
          1/4 cup Colorless Jojoba Oil or Golden Jojoba Oil
          1/4 cup Liquid Soap Base
          1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon essential or fragrance oil


          Mixing Cups
          Stainless Steel or Ceramic Mixing Bowls
          Soap Spoon
          Transfer Pipettes


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix thoroughly. Pour into a dispenser or bottle. This recipe makes a liquidy scrub that dispenses well from a bottle with a flip-top cap or from a pump.


This polisher actually acts as a cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer all in one. I was really thrilled. No oily residue on the shower floor and no super-slick feeling left on your skin. I've even used it gently on my face and my face feels *wonderful* afterward.

A few tips, *do not* use this scrub on any open cuts or scrapes or on skin that's been freshly shaved "ouch"! Also, if used on the face be careful not to get it in your mouth "yuck" or eyes "yikes"!

Note: you can use any light vegetable oil in this recipe with good results but in my opinion jojoba is the best.

Tip: virtually any liquid soap that is gentle and has a shampoo-like consistency will work in this recipe whether handmade or store bought.

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