Coffee Butter Latte Cream


If you are a "Java Junky" this is a perfect lotion to get your coffee fix all over your body. It smells like a frothy latte fresh from your favorite barista.

This was made on the blog on February 12th 2009. Another variation of this recipe was made on the blog on August 12th 2010 using our Green Tea Butter.


          40 grams Coffee Butter
          28 grams Avocado Oil
          6 grams Red Raspberry Seed Oil
          12 grams Liquid Glycerin
          24 grams Conditioning Emulsifier
          18 grams Stearic acid
          350 grams Distilled Water
          2 grams Vitamin E Natural
          preservative of choice: Germaben II, Liquid Germall Plus, Optiphen or Suttocide A are suitable for this formulation
         4 grams Desired Fragrance Oil (Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance was used, but Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil, Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil or Chocolate Mousse Fragrance Oil would also be appropriate fragrance choices) or choose 1 gram Vanilla Oleoresin


          Immersion Blender
          Containers to fill


Using a scale weigh all ingredients, hold out Vitamin E, preservative, and fragrance until mixture is somewhat cooled and is emulsified. Microwave to heat all ingredients. Using immersion blender pulse until mixture is emulsified. Cool. Add Vitamin E Natural, Preservative and fragrance. Pour into jars or pump bottles.


Use anytime for a coffee lift. To make this cream lighter, it is VERY RICH, completely replace the Liquid Glycerin with 5 grams Sodium Lactate and add 15 grams Isopropyl Myristate.


Makes approximately 16 ounces.