Cuticle Gelly


This is a thick gelly that can be dispensed a tiny amount at a time. Slow down your day and treat your hands to a massage!

This was made on the blog on March 17th, 2009.




Weigh all of the above ingredients into microwave-safe container. Melt using short bursts of heat taking care not to overheat. Once the above ingredients are melted weigh and add the vitamin E oil along with any desired essential or fragrance oils. Fill bottles.


For fragrance ideas try the following: Ocean Rain Fragrance, Amber Romance Fragrance Oil, Red Clover Tea Fragrance Oil, Coconut Fragrance Oil, Fruit Slices Fragrance, Cucumbers Melons Fragrance Oil, Hibiscus Passion Fragrance, Wild Mint and Ivy Fragrance Oil, Energy Fragrance Oil, Cucumber and Aloe Fragrance Oil, Lemon Verbena Fragrance Oil. As you can tell many staff members had to get their favorite on the list!


This recipe will fill about 14 of these bottles.