Easy Does It Coconut Cream


Feel free to use the following recipe-

Here are the specifics of my first attempt at following your posted lotion making directions. They were sooooo easy to follow. And the cream turned out great!

This was made on the blog on January 19th, 2010.


         .1 oz wt. Citric Acid
          .3 oz wt. Emulsifying Wax
          .5 oz wt. Liquid Glycerin
          .4 oz wt. Stearic Acid
          2 oz wt. Coconut Oil
          6.9 oz wt. Water



Combine all ingredients in a microwave-safe container. Heat until just melted. Wisk quickly until turns white and milky looking. Poured into approximately two 4 fl. oz containers and 1/2 oz left to play with. I didn't scent it because I prefer unscented lotions, but a few drops of Orange Essential would go nicely with the coconut oil.

Thanks for the informative and easy directions. It is incredibly fun to "design" and make a cream that costs pennies and turns out wonderful on the first try. -Joy


This recipe makes approximately 10 fl oz of cream.