Helping Hands - Garden Soap

How Does Your Garden Grow, June Swap Winner


Helping Hands - Garden Soap

Shary Fuller of Celestial Creations was one of the two winners in the "How Does Your Garden Grow" soap swap. Sharyl's soap was adorable, it was in the shape of a small flower pot and packaged in a hand-stamped bag tied off with a piece of jute. Way to go Sharyl!




This is Crockpot Hot Process --- I mixed the food color with the aloe vera gel and add to the soap at the end of the cook --- then molded in 3 oz plastic bathroom cups to get the flower pot shape.


This recipe was the winner from a swap hosted by Majestic Mountain Sage in 2000. The theme was "How Does Your Garden Grow." We are not able to confirm the amount of scent that was used.


Makes 3.6 pounds of soap.