Homemade is Better Salt Scrub


This scrub is amazing! Those that have tried it rave that it is better than several commercially available salt scrubs, including those from The Body Shop. You will have to make it yourself and decide!

This recipe was made on the blog on February 19th, 2009.


          1 cup Fine Dead Sea Salt
          1 oz Sweet Almond Oil
          1 oz Liquid Glycerin
          1 oz Colorless Jojoba Oil
          1 oz Avocado Oil
          1 oz Sunflower Oil
          Lime Essential Oil (Scent to your tastes)


           Mixing Bucket
           Containers to fill with finished product


Weigh liquids into the mixing bucket. Add salt and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, the scrub can be scooped into containers.


The glycerin doesn't blend with the oils, so don t worry about the separation because you wont even notice once the salt has been added. When using, mix well before removing the desired amount of scrub.