Intense Lanolin Foot Salve


A wonderful foot care product for the summertime when sandals and bare feet are common! Also a great treatment for dry feet year-round!

This was made on the blog on August 21st, 2012.




Weigh all of the ingredients except for the Optiphen, Vitamin E Acetate, and Helichrysum Essential Oil. Heat gently until everything is melted. Don t overheat it! You don't want the glycerin to burn! Stir the mixture thoroughly. I discover that my glycerin hadn't emulsified into the mixture while I used a spoon. I ended up pulling out my immersion blender. I mixed for about two minutes spread intermittently over five minutes. Make sure the glycerin is completely mixed in, but remember that you don t want a whipped airy product. Once the mixture has cooled below 170 F, add the Helichrysum, Optiphen and Vitamin E Acetate. Pour into jars. Label and enjoy! Note: This mixture can be difficult to use in a bottle. I find a jar is easier but it can be messy. I notice it tends to be more fluid the warmer it is. If you choose a bottle for this product, keep in mind you will have to heat the product to get it out. I find a wide mouth jar is easier and tends to be less likely to get everywhere.


Makes approximately 8 fl oz.