Jasmine Jewel

Tussie Mussie Swap Winner


Suzanne Jones wooed us with her beautiful version of "Jasmine Jewel". This classic bar consisted of one type of transparent soap in the shape of a jewel embedded into another. The scent blend was a combination of rose, jasmine, lavender, and gardenia. Way cool, Suzanne.




The recipe for the embedded soap was made first and the resulting soap poured into heart- and flower-shaped molds. The soap was allowed to harden for six hours, subsequently frozen for a half-hour, and removed from the molds.

The second recipe of transparent soap was made and poured into drawer dividers. On pouring, the previously made flower and heart soaps were submerged in the drawer dividers. The soap was allowed to harden and removed from the molds within a day.


Susan's Embedded Soap Recipe was based on Susan Cavitch's "Silky See-through Soap"

This recipe was the winner from a swap hosted by Majestic Mountain Sage in 2000. The theme was "Tussie Mussie." 


Makes 6.4 pounds of soap.