Karen's Buttercream




Instructions- Heat the oils, butters, and waxes on low until everything has melted, and cool to about 140 F. Heat the aloe (I buy the stuff you can drink) and water to about 140 F as well. Put the oils into a large mixing bowl and start mixing on slow. Slowly add the water and aloe mixture and keep mixing on low. Gradually increase mixing speed until you're on high, and mix, mix, mix, until the bowl feels about body temp., then add your Germaben II-E and essential oils. (I chose these for their healing and skin-friendly properties, and everyone so far has commented on how good it smells). This makes a lot of cream, so be sure you have plenty of containers on hand!


Thanks, Karen for sharing this great formula with us.


Keep in mind Karen has formulated this recipe in ounces, it makes just shy of 63 ounces of cream. If you prefer to make smaller batches, you'll need to convert it to grams. If you need help, contact us or use the Measurement Converter on our website.