Light Facial Cream


This was made on the blog on March 20th, 2009.


          7 grams stearic acid
          20 grams emulsifying wax
          10 grams Hydrovance
          45 grams colorless jojoba oil
          10 grams evening primrose oil
          5 grams MMS aloe extract
          5 grams meadowfoam oil
          5 grams apricot kernel oil
          2 grams Vitamin E Acetate
          2 grams Squalane

          380 grams distilled water
          3.75 grams Germaben II
          2.5 grams essential oil (optional)



Melt all ingredients together but Germaben II and fragrance. When cooled to about 120 F then add preservative and fragrance, stir well. Pour into containers.


Makes approximately 17 fluid ounces.