Magic Color Bath Fizzies


This recipe appeared in our ad in the April/May issue of Herb Companion.

This recipe was made on the blog on January 18th, 2009.



    Zipper style bag in the gallon size
    Measuring cups and Color Scoops
    Decorative bags for giving


Mix all items thoroughly. Package in decorative bags only. Label. Use up to 1/4 per full bath.


This recipe is very easy to make, even your children will have a great time! This is one of the few recipes we offer that does not use a scale. We think it is easiest to mix these ingredients by kneading the mixture inside a zipper style bag. Rub and squish any lumps in the bag to make a free-flowing powder.

To get a fizzing reaction the citric acid must be combined with baking soda.

Fragrance oils vary in their strengths so we have a maximum amount to add. Please take into consideration that Almond scents are far more potent that Papaya scents, and so on.

The dry mixture will be white and the blue color will appear once the dry mixture is added to the bathwater. You may use Lemon Yellow Color, Ocean Blue Color, or Purple Raspberry Color in place of the Grape Color .

We recommend this mixture be packaged in bags only since the addition of water will start the fizzing reaction. This fizzing action will cause a rigid container to expand, then explode. Please be safe.


Makes about 4-3/4 cups of fizzing bath salts.