Minty Foot Cream


Minty Foot Cream is a treat for your feet. Pamper yourself with this rich creamy blend of avocado oil combined with shea butter & mango butter with just a touch of lanolin.

This was made on the blog on January 20, 2010.




Combine all ingredients except Germaben II & essential oil in microwave-safe container or beaker. Heat on high until all oils/waxes are completely melted. Mix using an immersion blender until you have an emulsion. Add Germaben II & essential oil and stir again to fully incorporate the preservative and essential oils. Pour into containers.


Try replacing the mint with your favorite scent blend & substituting regular cocoa butter for the lanolin. Try this as an all-over body cream. It's great and ya just gotta love that yummy chocolate smell... It's a treat without the calories.


Makes approximately 8 fluid ounces.