Orange Butter Lip Balm


I have been begging the R&D team for the ability to share this fabulous recipe and they have finally given permission. Wahoo! Come join me for a great recipe. I am very partial to this recipe. It is creamy but very firm, great-tasting and it is vegan! I think this lip balm is popular with both men and women because it has a smooth after-feel but is not glossy. It is also very durable. Once applied, it isn’t moving.




Weigh all ingredients into your microwave-safe container. Microwave in short bursts until all ingredients are melted. The Candelilla Wax will take the most time to melt, but if you stir the lip balm after the other oils have been heated, it will melt quickly. Once the mixture is melted, fill tubes or jars. Cool. Label.


Notes: You can add any additional flavor that you want to this lip balm! 


50 Lip Balm Tubes, Bottom Twist.