Royal Light Lotion with Aloe Vera


Originally formulated in 1998, this lotion was a popular recipe for classes. Shared on our blog on July 20, 2021.




Weigh and mix all the Aloe Vera Powder into the water. Then weigh all remaining ingredients except for the Liquid Germall Plus and fragrances. Heat the mixture to melt all the waxes using 30-second increments. Using an immersion blender, mix until all ingredients are emulsified. Once the lotion has cooled below 120ºF, add preservative and fragrance oils. Finally, pour the lotion into containers and allow it to cool completely before capping.


Makes 16 ounces.


A wonderful fragrance for men. Sandalwood is also nice in this one.

This is a light lotion with little to no drag. It absorbs quickly but lasts a long time. This lotion will softly hold its shape for a few minutes but will eventually take on the shape of the container.

Add gold trim to the package, and call it Three Kings Lotion for Christmas.