Soothing Clay Facial Mask


This clay mask is not as drying as most and will work well for most skin types. If you have extremely oily skin, try a different mask recipe, without additional oils.

This was made on the blog on March 18th, 2009.




Weigh ingredients into your container except the clay, preservative and essential oil. Microwave for short bursts of time until the oils are melted. Mix ingredients together thoroughly and let cool until thickened. Add clay, preservative and essential oil, then stir. You may need a rubber scraper to scrape the sides of your container. Once everything is mixed together, fill your containers and then enjoy a relaxing time!


If you want to add extracts to this recipe, we recommend adding anywhere from 1% (1 gram) to 5% (5 grams) depending on the expected use of the mask.



Makes approximately 3.5 ounces.