Summer Cool Down


I swear that my personal stash of soap is being raided by gnomes, fairies or something like that. I looked for soap and found that I was down to my last bar. With the opportunity to make a new batch, I wanted to have a cool refreshing scent. This 5-pound batch is the result.




Make a strong chamomile tea by steeping the 0.9 oz of Chamomile Buds in 30 oz of hot water. Let steep for 30 minutes.

Strain chamomile buds from water and allow the tea to cool. (I refrigerated my tea to cool it down.) I ended up with about 28 oz of chamomile tea.

Weigh all oils and melt in soap pot or bucket.

Add lye to cooled chamomile tea. Let lye solution cool.

Combine oils and lye solution. Mix until a light trace has been reached. (I used a stick blender to speed things up.) Add Cool Citrus Basil Fragrance Oil to soap and pour into the prepared mold. (My temperatures for this batch were 110 F for the oils and 140 F for the lye solution.)


The color at the initial mixing of the oils and the lye solutions was a yellowish-green. It looked kind of strange. In the mold, it started to look more yellowish. We will have to see how it looks when it comes out of the mold. (Post use notes: the soap remained a warm but light yellow color.)


Makes 5 pounds of soap.