Summer Melon

Spring-scentsations Soap Swap Winner


Lisa was one of the winners in our April "Spring-scentsations" soap swap. Her soap was a combination of beautiful pastel layers scented with her own version of summer melon. It rocked! 


    17 ounces Coconut Oil
    16 ounces Olive Oil
    14 ounces Palm Oil
    6 ounces Sweet Almond Oil
    2 ounces Colorless Jojoba Oil
    21 ounces Distilled Water
    7.75 ounce Lye

    Temp: 95 to 100

    Wild Strawberry Fragrance Oil .82 ounces
    Sparkling Honeydew Fragrance Oil .82 ounces

    Colors -
    Strawberry layer was a pastel shade of pink
    Honeydew layer was a pastel shade of green



The soap was made as usual. The first layer scented with strawberry fragrance oil was poured into the mold and set aside. About two hours later the same recipe was made again and the second layer scented with honeydew fragrance oil was carefully poured over the first strawberry layer.

For a decorative top, I used a garnisher from the Pampered Chef, it gave the soap a unique crinkle-cut edge.

Lisa Garrett


This recipe was the winner from a swap hosted by Majestic Mountain Sage in 2000. The theme was "Spring-scentsations"


Makes 4.3 pounds of soap.