Sun-Flower Power


Sunflower oil is one of my favorites, it's light, it's fun and it makes the perfect lotion for this festive gift-giving season. Try substituting mango butter or regular cocoa butter for the coconut oil, it will give a little heavier feel. Live dangerously... :-)

This was made on the blog on May 21st, 2009.


          1.3 grams citric acid
           9 grams stearic acid
          20 grams emulsifying wax
          10 grams liquid glycerin
          65 grams high-oleic sunflower oil
          10 grams coconut oil

          380 grams purified water
          3.75 grams Germaben II
          2.5 grams desired fragrance oil



Weigh all ingredients into a microwave-safe container except Germaben II & fragrance oil. Heat in short bursts 1-3 minutes at a time until all ingredients have been completely melted. You'll know the waxes are melted when they resemble milky looking little blobs. If you fail to melt your ingredients entirely, your lotion will have a grainy texture.

Next, mix using your immersion blender. This process will go relatively fast with this type of blending tool. 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to incorporate any air into your mixture, this is what creates that frothy looking stuff we occasionally see after the lotion has set up.

Your lotion is ready to pour at this point, it will look very much like warm milk. Pour into your bottles, cap and shake gently as the mixture cools.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me a note.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays- Steph