Using a Stick Blender


Hi! You can pretty much use a stick blender with any soap recipe. There aren't any real "hard and fast" rules with using one. Just some things to keep in mind - tracing times are still going to depend on what oils are used and what percentage of lye you've put in, some recipes will be FAST and some will take longer; your blender will come with tips on using it so you don't burn the motor out. The thing about turning it on and off (assuming your soap is taking longer to trace) is so you don't burn your motor out by running it at high speed for 10 minutes straight.

Here's what I do: Mix oils and lye solution while stirring by hand. When they have mixed thoroughly, I put my blender in, turn it on low, and start blending. If it hasn't shown signs of tracing in a couple of minutes, I turn it off for a minute and hand stir with it while I wait, then turn it back on, etc. Once I see a trace, I again turn it off, hand stir for a minute (because the trace usually disappears), then I turn it back on until the trace shows up again, turn it off and stir - I repeat this until the trace "sticks", meaning it stays even when I've been hand-stirring for a minute or so. Then I pour into molds.

You get to where you have a "feel" for using the blender. But it is a great tool to have, and I sure recommend getting one (mine cost $ 10.00 at Walmart). Have fun!!!

Dove Lininger
Natural Traditions
Medford, OR