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Cheer Up With This Easy Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub

Cheer Up With This Easy Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub

Fall is here and that means my skin has started its annual attempt at becoming a dry, flaky, cracking mess due to the drop in the local humidity and colder temperatures. I slather on the moisturizers multiple times a day to keep my skin from looking like it belongs in a medical text book.

A completed sample of the Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub!

A completed sample of the Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub.

I’ve found that the most helpful part of my personal care regimen is the once-a-week use of a sugar scrub. Since I use granulated white sugar in my scrubs instead of a coarse sugar or salt, I can get away with more frequent use of a scrub, but I find once a week works best for my skin.

I wanted a cheerful scent, so I had to use the Lemon Cookie Fragrance Oil.* Come join me in the kitchen as we make a scrub that will chase the winter blues away as well as the dry, flaky mess.


Why did I choose the ingredients that I used? Let’s talk about them and why I picked these ingredients!

White Granulated Sugar: I like the texture of plain table sugar in scrubs. I think it is perfect for a scrub that would be a gentle whole body scrub.

Polysorbate 80: I love sugar and salt scrubs, but I hate feeling like I’ve turned my shower into a slippery enclosure that will have me bouncing out of the tub! Polysorbate helps cut down on the oily residue and helps me stay on my feet. You can use either Polysorbate 20 or Polysorbate 80. I just grabbed the first one I found in the blog kitchen.

Sunflower Oil: Sunflower Oil is a fabulous oil that works for many people. If you want to use other oils, try Squalane, Golden Jojoba, Wheat Germ Oil, or Grapeseed Oil instead. If you have another favorite, feel free to use it!

Luffa: I wanted a little extra scrubbing power, so I added a small amount of Ground Luffa. The low usage rate prevents it from being too harsh on the skin and still allows it to aid any scrubbing.

LiquaPar Oil: The best preservative for simple scrubs is LiquaPar Oil. As you never know what will happen to a product after it leaves your hands, a preservative is always important. If you would like to make a new batch for a single use serving, then you can eliminate the preservative.



White Granulated Sugar
Ground Luffa
Polysorbate 80 or 20
LiquaPar Oil
Lemon Cookie Fragrance*


Mixing Bowl or Bucket
Containers of your choice



70% White Sugar
25% Sunflower Oil
3% Polysorbate 80
1% LiquaPar Oil
0.5% Luffa
0.5% Lemon Cookie Fragrance*

Recipe for 17.65 ounces:

12.35 oz White Sugar
4.41 oz Sunflower Oil
0.53 oz Polysorbate 80
0.18 oz LiquaPar Oil
0.09 oz Luffa
0.09 Lemon Cookie Fragrance*

Recipe for 500 grams:

350 grams White Sugar
125 grams Sunflower Oil
15 grams Polysorbate 80
5 grams LiquaPar Oil
2.5 grams Luffa
2.5 grams Lemon Cookie Fragrance*


After weighing the Luffa and sugar.

After weighing the ground luffa and sugar.

Carefully weigh the dry ingredients together. Mix the liquid ingredients separately and then add to the dry ingredients. This will allow everything to completely mix and prevent any clumps of luffa. Once the scrub is completely mixed, it will be smooth and easy to transfer to your desired containers.

Adding the liquid ingredients mixture to the dry ingredients.

Adding the liquid ingredient mixture to the dry ingredients.

Completely mixed scrub ready to be put in jars!

Completely mixed scrub ready to be put in jars.

Note: If you want to use a mixture of salt and sugar for a foot scrub, use half sugar and half salt which is 35% sugar and 35% salt in the recipe using percentages.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try a scrub! If you don’t have all of these ingredients in your cupboard, let’s formulate something just for you.

*Lemon Cookie Fragrance Oil is no longer in stock. Try Lemon Sugar Type Fragrance Oil instead. It’s wonderful!

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