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Free Samples: Mulberry, Ocean Rain & Pink Chiffon

We are back at it making more lotion samples and sending them to you! For every order placed with TheSage.com we add in a sample product and today we have made several lotion samples and they are ready to be added to your order. Just leave a comment in the the “notes” section of your order if you want to try one of these fabulous scent samples and we will send it along with your order. If you forget don’t worry we will choose one for you and it will be a surprise.

Today we are taking the Lotion Base, Paraben Free, using 1 gallon of base and adding in 1 fl oz. of fragrance to each gallon of lotion and stirring until fully mixed. We are then filling samples sizes to ship in every order placed with TheSage.com.

The fragrance oils that we have chosen to mix up in the lotion today are: Mulberry, Ocean Rain & Pink Chiffon.

Mulberry – A wonderful holiday scent. This Mulberry fragrance is filled with berries and a sweet and slight citrus hint. Great scent for candles, room sprays, and lotions. A must have scent for the holiday gathering.

Ocean Rain – A remarkable wet misty rain scent. Ocean rain is very refreshing with a mix of crisp ozone top notes, and frangipani and muguet blossoms, seafoam greens in a pure base of amber and musk.

Pink Chiffon – I became a fan really quick when this fragrance came out. It has scents of fresh lilies, soft jasmine, apples, red pear and white peach with a musk and powdery amber. A top choice for me is Pink Chiffon body spray or Pink Chiffon lotion. I’m loving it! Yummy!

Next time you place an order and want to try one of these scented samples that we are preparing, add a comment in the note section and we will send it your way!



Fragrance Samples!

Fragrance Samples!

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