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Freebie Friday - Day 2

Okay, so I feel really bad that I spaced on releasing the post last Friday. Things are getting really crazy. Ack! So, do you think I can do another freebie Friday? Can Freebie Friday be done on Monday? Any complaints? If so, please give your complete compaint on a .25 x .25 piece of paper. 😉 I wanted to send several sample to shipping that are perfect for the holidays. It is always nice to get an idea of what you like and what scents will fit in your life for the holiday.

Our first holiday scent is Plumberry Spice. This fragrance is a lot of fun. Think of plums, currants, raspberries and blackberries. This fragrance tossed these in a pot, cooked them down into a jelly, added sugar, vanilla cinnamon and clove. Wow! It smells just delectable and is a safe home odor. This is sure to be a favorite for all ages!

Next on our list is Bitter Orange Orchid. Now this is not the traditional sweet orange scent we all know. This is tart and spicy with a hint of floral added to the mix. In the bottle, as with most fragrances, it seems like too much. However, as soon as you dilute it into your favorite soap, lotion, cream or perfume, you will be asking for more, more, more! A must try and a sure fall favorite.

When you where a child, did your family ever have a real tree for Christmas? Or did you ever walk through the tree yards? Do you remember what it was like? Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Can you feel the cool air nipping at your skin? Can you smell that fresh, green, sharp scent of the Christmas trees? Wow! What memories. Christmas Tree smells just like this. We all say that it smells like a pine forest was stuffed in the bottle. So good and it can fool just about anyone! Bring the scent of the holidays home!

When the holidays come around, do you ever get sick of the odors of sharp pines or strong spices? If you do, then Woodberry is for you. Think of a winter forest, snow covered ground, bright red berries, cardinals, sweet moss and soft woods. This is what Woodberry smells like. No sharp pines or strong spices here! Just a soft mellow, holiday scent to gently wrap you and your home.

Last on our holiday list today is Welcome Home. Think of spiced apple cider and crisp evergreen wrapped up nicely with a soft vanilla note. Bare in mind this is not a potent scent. Think of what the house smells like after Thankging. All of the spices, baked goods and the crisp scent of the Christmas tree slowly spreading in the house. After a long day at work, skiing, sledding or playing with the kids, this fragrance truly says, “welcome home.”

The next two fragrances I will be sharing aren’t holiday scents but they are some of my favorites. I couldn’t wait until next Friday. I just had to share these. They are so good. I think you will enjoy them too.

Osmanthus is one of our most commonly requested and most popular fragrances. It really isn’t hard to see why. Osmanthus is sensual, fresh, fruit and herbaceous and wonderfully calming. I think it is the best ever! It can be a personal signature scent so easily. Try it today and figure out what all of the hype is about!

To conclude our list of fragrances today is Juicy Grape. Wow! This is just fabulous. Bright, fruity and fun this scent appeals to children, the elderly and everyone in between. The best part is you don’t end up sticky, no fingerprints and no CALORIES! WAHOO! Can you tell I really like Juicy Grape? You are missing out if you have never tried our Juicy Grape fragrance oil.

Remember, I am sending 100 samples of each fragrance to the shipping department. Request your desired scents in your next order!


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