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Lip Balm Filling Trays – Day 5

Now we have learned all of the tips, tricks and hints in using the Plastic Tom filling trays. Well… almost all of them. Let’s say that everything went according to plan. You get everything heated, flavored, poured and even scraped the lip balm without any complications. Then life happened. A friend called, the kids are fighting, the car has to be repaired, the chores still haven’t been done and you are asked to host a neighborhood party. Ack! So many things to do and not enough time. The lip balm is put away, still in trays for another time when things aren’t so crazy.

Let’s fast forward to four or five weeks later when you can finally get back to the lip balm. You twist the tubes out and they have beautiful and perfect tops. You pick up a cap and place on top. Wait just one second… something is wrong, the cap doesn’t fit! This is because the lip balm tubes have sat for a very long time in the filling tray under pressure. Sometimes, by just letting the lip balm tube sit outside the tray, it will relax enough and the cap will fit again. Other times the lip balm tube needs a little encouragement.

When the lip balm tubes need a little “encouragement”, we will shrink wrap them using a heat gun. This will get the plastic of the lip balm tube to relax enough so it will revert to its original shape. Then the cap will fit perfectly. Yea! This will also add a nice professional look to your products and/or gifts. While this can be the most distressing thing that may occur during your lip balm making, it has a very simple fix and you will not have to worry about any product loss or waste. Whew! What a relief.

Did you know that tubes and caps can have this same problems if the lip balm is too hot. A slightly pouting pipette means the mixture is hot enough to cause this temporary compression issue.

Do you have any more questions related to lip balm, lip balm making or the Plastic Tom filling tray? Let us know and we will answer them. We want to make the process as fun and a painless for you. This is what we are here for… to help YOU succeed and look great!


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