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Meet Sadie!

At our location in Nibley, we have quite the collection of critters. Muskrats, pheasants, Canada Geese, and even some cats. When we first moved into the building last year, there were several kittens that lived in the area. We began feeding the kittens in hopes that we would be able to socialize them enough to help keep the mice at bay. As we fed the cats over the winter the young cats would come around when we were out, but still not close enough to consider capturing. We placed an old carpeted box on the east side of the building with hay inside to help protect the cats from the harsh winter weather we can receive.

Fast forward to spring. On Thursday last week, we were planting the onions and peas in the company garden and Mitch went to check on the cat box. To his surprise he found not an empty box, but a box with three baby kittens inside! We promptly left the area to not bother the kittens, but we had an inkling that the mother was just too young for this litter as there were some kittens that had been left outside the box. We left the box until Saturday when we checked in on the kittens. Tina, Taylor and I had been to the offices to teach an Introductory Soapmaking Class that morning and after the class, we peeked in the box to check on the kittens. We were saddened to see that there was only one kitten left and the other two had been obviously eaten.

We picked up the remaining kitten and took her inside. At first she was quite scared and hissed at us but as soon as we wrapped her into a spare shirt to keep her warm, she settled down. We promptly went to the pet store and purchased some kitten milk replacement formula. We were also able to learn that she was approximately 2 weeks old. After leaving the pet store, we called our favorite veterinarian and asked for advice. After explaining what had happened, the veterinarian told us to keep the kitten warm and feed her.

Taylor and I have spent the last five days caring for this little squealing bundle and I’ll personally that say we have enjoyed this experience. We decided to name the kitten Sadiya the Fluff-ball or Sadie for short. Sadiya is Arabic and means happiness, luck, blissful, and/or fortunate. We chose this name because we felt that Sadie is going to be one lucky cat when she grows up!

Victor, one of the two schnauzers who can be found under a desk here at work, has adopted Sadie as his. When Sadie cries, Victor will jump up and stand looking at you until you take care of Sadie. I read the look on his face to be saying, “Well? She’s hungry and I’ll need you to feed her. I’ll lick the formula off her after!” Either way, Victor follows us around when we are carrying Sadie until she’s ready to go back to bed. What a silly dog!

I hope to be able to share more pictures of Sadie with you as she grows up and hopefully I’ll be able to capture some pictures that include her wonderful, new “papa” who has adopted her.

P.S. If you are wondering if Sadie will be the new MMS mascot, that position has already been filled. I’m hoping that Syd, the marmot, will make his debut as the MMS mascot within the next 2 months. Keep an eye out for this adorable critter!

Sadie at 2 weeks.

Sadie at 2.5 weeks.

Sadie today in comparison to a nickle in Mitch's hands.

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