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New Goat Milk Cream With A Fabulous Fragrance Will Make You Smile

We just released our new Goat Milk Cream Base formula, so we paired it with our newest fragrance to make you go “WOW!” when you try the samples we are sending out.

Currant & Mandarin Fragrance

Currant & Mandarin is the fragrance, and it’s a good one. The most prominent components of the scent are tangy, sweet, and juicy. I wanted to keep inhaling deeply – it smells incredible!

The catalog description reads, in part:

“We’ve blended juicy red currants with tangy mandarin oranges and then added lemon zest, dewy greens, star jasmine, and African violets to the mix and topped it with a twist of sugared orange zest.”

This fragrance just makes me happy! Its sweet tang lingers on the skin after applying the cream. Currant & Mandarin has earned itself a place high on the list of my favorite fragrances. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Goat Milk Cream 2

Our Goat Milk Cream has long been a best-seller at The Sage. We’ve given it an upgrade while keeping it paraben-free.

Goat Milk Cream 2 is a heavy-duty moisturizer with a lovely, buttery texture. Though it rubs into the skin quickly, this is definitely not the type of cream you can use and then work without leaving fingerprints on everything you touch. Instead, take a break for a few minutes after applying this cream. Close your eyes and inhale the lovely fragrance. Luxuriate in the feel of being pampered.

Extracts of Comfrey Leaf, Ivy, and Calendula offer some great TLC to the skin. Aloe Juice is another skin lover in this formula, along with Goat Milk Extract, of course.


We used a usage rate of 0.5% Currant & Mandarin Fragrance in our samples. Using one of our moisturizer bases is a great way to try a fragrance or to make up a batch of lotion in a jiffy. Simply decide how much you want to use, figure out how much fragrance you need with the usage rate, then mix the fragrance into the base. Put it into bottles, label, and you’re done.

Please let us know what you think of it when you receive a jar.

(If you have a specific sample you’d like to receive when you place an order, just add that special request in the Comments section of the order form, and we’ll make sure you get it if we have it!)

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