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Sadie Update

Almost 2 weeks ago, I introduced you to Sadie. Since then, this little kitten has thoroughly rooted herself into our lives. On Sunday, I was playing with Sadie and thought that since she was actually awake, I would try to get some new pictures.

I was very pleased that after a few minutes of barrel-rolling across the blanket, Sadie finally settled down to pose for some pictures.

Her eyes are so big now and while they look black in the pictures, they are actually a bluish-grey color. They are very striking on her face now and it will be interesting to see what color her eyes will turn out to be. Kittens have blue to bluish-grey eyes until they are about 3 months old. We have two more months until then!

Sadie likes to sleep when it is dark and has been found pinning a fold of the blanket over her eyes when she is trying to sleep during the day! We have to laugh because one day when her tail is big enough, she will probably wrap it around her body and cover her face, just like other cats we have known.

Since we started weighing Sadie, she has gained more than 200 grams! She now weighs 353.9 grams, which is equivalent to 12.5 ounces. Her tummy is almost always rounded, some people say that she looks pear-shaped while others say that she looks like a bowling pin. Either way, we have a happy kitten! If you would like to follow Sadie’s current weight, take a moment to read the line graph on the right side of the screen at blog.thesage.com.

I’ll continue to post pictures as she grows.

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