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Sadie Keeps Growing!

Can you believe that Sadie is now 10 weeks old? She has grown so much since we first got her and she still is small! When I last posted, Sadie was due to head to the veterinarian for her first check up and shots. I’m pleased to report that the veterinarian gave us a clean bill of health. Sadie was even a good girl and didn’t have a problem with the shots or the pill they gave her. She actually swallowed it by herself and the veterinarian’s assistant was very surprised by that. 😉 I knew that we were raising a smart kitty!

Sadie is still very active in chasing feet, dogs or the cat, Leo, around the house. I think when Leo has to go for his check up this winter his veterinarian will be pleased that he has lost weight. He started jumping to the top of the cat condo to get away from Sadie, but now that only slightly slows her down. She just climbs the outside of the condo to catch him. I joked to Taylor that Leo is losing his belly fat and is well on the way to having abs of steel!

I thought you would like to see a comparison of Sadie from when we first got her to today. She still uses her first bed, but she now fills more than just a corner. 😆 She is continuing to grow at a rapid rate and now her eyes are more of a golden green color than the blue color she used to have. The coloring of her coat is also becoming more distinct with white and orange spots on her belly and a mottled black and orange colored back.

I hope you enjoy this great picture of Sadie!

Sadie in her bed at 10 weeks.

Sadie at 2 weeks.

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