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Shimmering Cucumber Lip Balm

Finished tubes of Shimmering Cucumber Lip Balm.

Finished tubes of Shimmering Cucumber Lip Balm.

Spring is officially here, and I love the warmer weather! I’m not enjoying the cold rainy or snowy days that continue to pop up and mess with me. To celebrate spring, I’ve decided to make this Shimmering Cucumber Lip Balm with our Cucumber Melon Flavor Oil, which is a perfect springtime flavor in my opinion. We also added some Silver Mica to this lip balm because, in my world, sparkles make everything better. 🙂

I decided to use our Lanolin Lip Solutions because I think it has an enjoyable, creamy texture and is often overlooked! Did you know that lanolin comes from the fleeces of sheep? No slaughtering! In the spring when sheep are sheared, the lanolin must be removed from the wool before that wool can be processed into yarn. I know some people hear the words, “comes from sheep wool” and they automatically turn away saying, “Who would want to rub that on their lips?”

The combination of Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, and Cocoa Butter, makes for an amazing lip balm that you need to try. Set your fears and doubts aside and give it a try.

Lanolin Lip Solutions
Cucumber Melon Flavor
Silver Mica


Recipe in Grams
300 grams Lanolin Lip Solutions
9.28 grams Cucumber Melon Flavor Oil
Q.S. Silver Mica
Recipe in Ounces
10.58 ounces Lanolin Lip Solutions
0.33 ounces Cucumber Melon Flavor Oil
Q.S. Silver Mica
Recipe in Percentages
97% Lanolin Lip Solutions
3% Cucumber Melon Flavor Oil
Q.S. Silver Mica

Q.S. stands for quantity sufficient, so basically, add as much as you want. For this recipe, I believe I used about 10 of the .15 cc scoops of Silver Mica. It’s up to you, you can add more or you can add less.

Start by heating your Lip Solutions until completely melted, stirring occasionally. Once it is all melted, you can add the flavor oil, Silver Mica, and some color if you desire. Now it’s ready to rock and roll, pour into the lip balm container of your choice. I think this lip balm would be great on top of a colored lipstick to add a little shimmer or even all by itself! I am sending these samples down to the shipping department, so make sure you ask for a sample in your next order.

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