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Spring is Here Challenge Soap Submission - Belinda

Has anyone started any seeds yet? I am thrilled to see the weather warm up. It makes the sun seem so much brighter and warmer than what it has been. I received another soap submission from Belinda.

Hi, I’m Belinda from Vienna, Austria.

I’m a new soaper (since December) and I’m so into soaping. Actually, soap making did not come to me as a pastime hobby but a necessity. When the supper typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines, I thought I have to do
something to help my countrymen… and making soap got my attention for fund raising. I’m so inspired of the endless ideas a person can do in soaping. From colors, shapes, ingredients, to exfoliants and other additives. It’s awesome!

But sad to say, There is NO soaping supply shops around Vienna!

My niece sent me few sample packs of colorants and I received my longed colorants last Friday Feb. 28th… boy, did I hit my kitchen counter right away and pull out all my soaping equipments.

This is a cold process soap which I made with 70% olive oil, 15% coconut virgin oil and 10% sweet almond oil with raw honey, and I used pure milk instead of water. ( Goat and sheep milk) I colored it with yellow oxide and opalescent green mica. Then I added dried Calendula Petals. Since I knew my soap would be ready around Spring time, I scented it with Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil… a heavenly scent! I named this soap
“Honey Breeze”

So much was my excitement of my new colorants that I made one more small batch. Same measurements from above but I scented it with lavender essential oil, I then added dried lavender buds. I colored it with
ultramarine violet mixed with ultramarine blue, swirled with titanium oxide ( I must try to swirl! ). I named this soap “Lavender Mist”

I’m so happy that both batches came out good with my first time experimenting with colors and essential oils. My friends who supports our fund raising can’t wait to use these lovely soaps!

Here is a really cool thing. All proceeds of our fund raising will go towards the school supplies for children affected by the super typhoon.

Don’t forget! We will accept submissions for our challenge until March 20th! Here is a chance to strut your stuff and get a goodie box from the MMS Blog Kitchen. Good luck!


Honey Breeze

Honey Breeze

Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist

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