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Starfish, Challenges and Loads of Fun!

Starfish, Challenges and Loads of Fun!

Have you seen our newest aromatherapy diffusers?! I am so thrilled and I want to start skipping with excitement! I am in love! Our newest addition to the aromatherapy diffuser family is an adorable starfish! You can choose either a necklace or an auto diffuser that clips onto the air vents in your vehicle. It makes me think of the interactive aquariums that I have been to where guests can gently pet the starfish and other marine life. Those types of aquariums are so much fun and are incredibly memorable! I think I would scent this particular diffuser with any of our ocean inspired fragrances. Should I choose Lighthouse, Sea Salt, Ocean Rain or Mediterranean Silk? What fragrance do you recommend I try first? I don’t know that I can make a decision without your help! Who knew a seemingly easy decision could be so difficult?!

We have also added a pinwheel necklace diffuser! I think this one is adorable and perfect for keeping summer fun around your neck, no matter the season you are in. I adore the idea that I will be able to carry a little of summer with me all winter long. Just because it is a white winter wonderland outside doesn’t mean that my life needs to be void of color and fun fragrances! I think I would choose a bright, colorful felt pad such as pink, cerulean or even red! For this diffuser, I might choose 21 Fragrance, Alice or Freckles. What would you choose? Remember that the felt pads are interchangeable so you can change fragrances and colors on a simple whim! I wish all of my jewelry were this versatile! I might actually wear it more often!

One more diffuser that we added is just in time for Halloween. This necklace diffuser is a spiderweb featuring a cute little spider. This one calls to lovers of our spookiest holiday with an adorable spider on a dew bejeweled web. I enjoy this necklace diffuser because it is elegant enough, it can be worn all year long. One of our customers has her birthday on Halloween and often asks her mother “Am I a trick or a treat?” I got a great laugh out of that. With this adorable necklace, we can ask ourselves that very same question. Today am I a trick or a treat? No matter how I was feeling, I know I would choose to scent this particular necklace diffuser with either our Wicked Fragrance or even perhaps our Exotic Potions. What a wicked decision I must make! Can you think of other fragrances that would be a good choice? I love how these diffusers allow me to wear any fragrance I desire without worrying about how it will react with my body chemistry. This has opened up my stash of fragrances considerably! I will be able to wear some of my favorite scents without fear that it will end up smelling off-putting at the end of the day. Wahoo!

Our last newest addition to our necklace diffusers is our Spiral Diffuser. I adore how playful this design is while still being classic and elegant. You can wear it daily with jeans and a t-shirt or you can wear it dressed up for dinner or for attending the theater. This is a truly versatile piece of jewelry! I would choose a number of fragrances for this particular necklace diffuser but some of my top selections would be Cupid’s Kiss, Angel, Amber Romance, Ginger Pomelo, Love Spell, Lotus and Icy Water. I actually want to make a much longer list but I am trying to keep it short and not overwhelming… Okay, I can’t resist temptation. I would also choose Rose Garden, Just for You and Shall We Dance! What fragrance would you first select?

Also, don’t forget that we are gearing up for our Soft Skin Challenge! If you don’t have all of the ingredients on hand, make sure to place an order before the 25th so you can participate! You will love seeing the progress that your skin makes over the course of this 10-day challenge. Trust me! This is one event you won’t want to miss out on!


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