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A Magical Season

When I sat down to write my blog entry for Christmas Day I had so much I wanted to cover. I wanted to tell you about Snap Day, the day...

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Only 2,000 left!

Deanie only needs $ 2,000 to be completely funded for his unique muscle therapy. I wrote and told you about...

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Deanie - Gift Certificates and lots of care

If you are a spinner then you may have heard of Spinderella’s Fiber Mill. This local shop is a mom and pop place for sending...

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America: the Brand

Yesterday was Independence Day, the day we celebrate being able to pursue life, liberty and happiness. This day is just as much a reflection of what our forefathers sought for...

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Valentine's Day is coming!

GOOD GRAVY BOATS! Is Valentine’s Day really only 14 days away? Think quick and easy lip balms and glosses. Remember, if you need to place an...
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Phthalates - FUD - An engagement ring

We have a lot of requests come in each month regarding our fragrance oils. People are requesting to know if our fragrances are phthalate free or not. I think about...

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Tea Tuesday - Harvests, Cattle, and Degrees

Yippee! Today is Tea Tuesday! I am going to focus on some...

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Marion - A delight and an inspiration

I am writing with sad news today. Marion, our wonderful hot pad lady, has passed away. You might remember our initial post about Marion and her hot pads. Our wonderful...

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Tea Tuesday August 30

Whew! Where has our summer gone? I can’t believe that we have...

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Notes, Stamps and MPPs

May Day Surprise Inside Rural Mailbox: Artwork by W.C. Porter.

While we are...
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2011 Calendar

MMS 2011 CalendarOK, so I am really embarrassed to tell you how long these calendars have been sitting in our...

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Tea Tuesday - May 10

I have been a tad bit on the busy side and I...

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