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Usage Rates - The importance of following them

StopSignI love to experiment and try the unusual things. I love to push boundaries. I love to test the crazy or seemingly impossible. However in the world of soaps and cosmetics, I will also be the first to tell you that we have usage rates for a reason and you need to follow them. Those restrictions are in place for a very important reason. That reason? Your safety.

Allow me to explain. You can put more than 10% Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil into your soap, lotion, lip balm or foot cream. This doesn’t mean you should. In fact, you definitely should NOT! Your skin will tingle and burn to the point you will think your skin is on fire. You will not be able to use an unscented soap fast enough. You will send your spouse to the closest grocery store to clear them out of every type of unscented bar and body wash product they have lining the shelves while you proceed to drain the water heater in record time. This is not the time to test your limits.

Here is another excellent example. I recently purchased a new tube of toothpaste. It is a popular brand that is in most grocery stores. I have been using this type of toothpaste from the same company for at least 10 years. And the point is? (Hang with me, I am getting there.)

After two days of using my new tube of toothpaste, I started to develop these cold sore type sores in the corners of my mouth. I thought I had cold sores. After talking with Tina from our technical support department about how miserable I was, she asked if it could be my toothpaste. I was stunned! I hadn’t changed anything in what I was buying. I put it to the test. I used kid’s bubble gum flavored toothpaste the next morning. By evening, my sores were gone.

I wasn’t a complete believer yet. That weekend, I brushed with my new minty tube of toothpaste. The sores came back! Yikes! We had pin-pointed the source.

It is scary to think that a reputable brand like that can have a batch of toothpaste in which its usage rate is so high, it tests the limits of what someone can physically handle. So please, follow a manufactures given usage rates. They are given for your safety! More is not always better. (Plus, following usage rates means more money in your pocket. Sweet!)

If you aren’t sure how much fragrance or essential oil to use in your product, check out our fragrance calculator. This is an handy resource and it is even free! Happy (safe) crafting!


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