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Veteran's Day of 2012

Today is Veteran’s Day in the United States. Tomorrow, our hours of operation are normal and all orders will be processed if it is a UPS shipment. If it is shipping via USPS, we will hold your order until Tuesday when the United States Post Office will be open again.

Package Transportation Information:

UPS:UPS will make the regular pickups and deliveries on November 12th. No packages are to be delayed.

USPS: No USPS pickup or delivery service. All packages will be held until Tuesday for shipping or delivery. Please plan your order accordingly to fit this shipping pause.

I would like to extend a salute from all of us here at The Sage to those who have served our country. My experiences in China have taught me that without those who stand up and fight for us to keep our freedom, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I truly didn’t understand completely what those freedoms were until I didn’t have them. As an American, I have so many freedoms that are not available to those in other countries. So let me take a moment to bow my head in gratitude and thank those who stand up for my country.

To those that have served overseas or here at home, I am thankful for your dedicated service to the well being of the United States and her citizens. To those still serving, we are thankful for your choice to serve and may you come home safely. To every veteran who served our country honorably, whether you have served with a military service like the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, or civilian service like Police, Firefighters, or Paramedics, whether you served during war or peacetime, you have my gratitude. To every being who has served with two legs or four, I know that you have been through so much and I wish to support you not only with gratitude, but also when you need help from your community.

I know both family and friends that have served, or are serving, as well as others who will never come home. I respect all of these courageous men, women and canines who have given me the opportunity to be a citizen of a country I am proud to call home.

Thank you to all veterans, whether you are past, present, or future, you are my heroes!

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