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We're Making 2016 the Year of the Berry!

Despite the snow falling, I’m looking forward to the new and exciting things that 2016 will bring. Since I have to share to excitement for the new year, I’m sharing with you that we’ve declared 2016 to be the year of the berry.

It's the year of the berry!

It’s the year of the berry!

You may be asking “Which berry?” All of them! We want to celebrate the fabulously fruity scents that cheer the soul.

Our R&D Team has been searching for new flavors and fragrances to match our berry theme, but those aren’t the only ones they have been looking for. Keep an eye on the New Products section for all the fun additions throughout the year.

In the meantime, can I entice you with some of our favorite berry scents and flavors?

Blackberry Pomegranate Flavor Oil: This flavor was released to the blog first and you, our fabulous readers, adored it! Since we have added this flavor to the catalog, it has been a strong seller and one of our most popular flavors. This is a unisex berry flavor for all ages!

Strawberry Swirl Flavor Oil: Strawberries are one of my favorite berries and I love our Strawberry Swirl. I think mixing it with Cheesecake or Chocolate Cream turns this yummy flavor into something decedent. Here’s a bonus! For the month of January, it is part of our Doggy Dozen Program!

Huckleberry Fragrance Oil: These little berries are a treasure. While they are definitely worth the hike, we’ve bottled them into a fragrance that will have your customers salivating over this special fragrance! Pick up a bottle today!

Raspberry Fragrance Oil: Just through Logan Canyon is Bear Lake. This area grows some of the sweetest raspberries I’ve ever had and the tourists flock to Bear Lake for the raspberry harvest in August. If you haven’t ever had a fresh raspberry shake, you’re missing out. Don’t worry! Our Raspberry is the aroma of fresh, sun warmed raspberries and you will think you are in heaven.

Red Grape & Blueberry Fragrance Oil: I can’t rave enough about this spectacular fragrance. Don’t let the description scare you away, this fruity fragrance has a fresh berry scent without smelling like a cloyingly sweet candy.

Enjoy the year of the berry with us! I can’t wait to share more with you!


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