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"What is wrong with my lip balm tubes?"

A clear lip balm tube. Do not twist before filling!

A clear lip balm tube. Do not twist before filling!

“What is wrong with my lip balm tubes? My lip balm is stuck and isn’t coming out even when I twist!” Our Technical Support Team has been asked this question MANY times and I thought this question that could be answered for our readers.

There are three possibilities that can cause this issue.

  1. The propel-repel mechanism was adjusted by twisting before the lip balm tubes were filled. Lip balm tubes come from the manufacturer with their propel-repel mechanism set at the correct point for. Never adjust this mechanism. This happens most with the Clear Lip Balm Tubes. Why? The space under the propel-repel mechanism has people thinking they have been “cheated” on fillable lip balm tube space! This space is important for the lip balm tubes to work properly and is in all tubes, no matter their color.
  2. Your customer (or a child) twisted the lip balm up and then twisted it all the way back down and disengaged the propel-repel mechanism. We’ve even done it ourselves on accident!
  3. Your formula has a high percentage of waxes and/or oils with high stearine content. This doesn’t mean that having 20% of any wax will make your lip balm tubes stick! It will depend on your formula. Your formula may have a high percentage of wax and yet still be fine because you don’t have any brittle oils and lots of liquid oils. If you aren’t sure if your formula is causing the lip balm to be stuck in the tube, test your lip balm using the plate test.

I hope this has helped you learn more about lip balms and lip balm tubes!

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