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Wicked Is the Perfect Fragrance for Intrigue

Wicked Is the Perfect Fragrance for Intrigue

When fall rolls around, there’s a certain staff member who gets really excited for October. Inevitably, Wicked Fragrance Oil gets mentioned.

Wicked Fragrance is a blend of scents that are musky, sweet, citrusy, and sensual. One reviewer said it smells like their local tattoo parlor! It is warm, intriguing, and makes a wonderful signature fragrance.

Put about 1 mL of fragrance oil in a roller bottle, then fill with coconut oil fractions for an easy personal fragrance for your pocket or purse. You’ll be sure to turn heads when you pass by, trailing an enticing cloud of wicked charm.

If you find a fragrance you really love, a great way to lock it in is to layer it. Use the same fragrance in your soap, lotion, and as a perfume.


Along those lines, here’s a fast and easy soap featuring Wicked Fragrance Oil in our Olive Oil Soap Base. This is a translucent base with great lather. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

Olive Oil Soap Base
Wicked Fragrance Oil
Ocean Blue dye
Microwave Safe Container
Soap Mold

There really isn’t a recipe. Just weigh the amount of Olive Oil Soap Base needed to fill the mold you will use, cut it into chunks and melt, then and add 2.25% Wicked Fragrance Oil (strong usage rate).

We used diluted Ocean Blue color to make this soap a pretty green. Ocean Blue is best diluted in water before adding to soap. To mix a large quantity, add 1/2 teaspoon of color to a 1 oz dropper bottle, fill with water, insert the dropper tip, and place the cap on the bottle. Shake well. (We used about a teaspoon of diluted color to 6 pounds of soap to get the color you see in the photos.)

Pour this into your soap mold, and when it has solidified, it’s ready to use.


Our shipping department has samples of this Olive Oil Soap scented with Wicked. Make sure you request one with your next order. We predict you’ll be intrigued, too!

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