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Winter Soap Challenge - Mary

Mary's Winter Challenge Soap

Mary’s Winter Challenge Soap

Last week I told you how Cache Valley was covered in another blanket of snow. Well, that blanket is receding but it made for a beautiful view this morning. The air was crisp and frosty, the birds were puffed up like crazy. They are so cute. They were determined to herald the morning with their song. It was the perfect morning to sit at the kitchen table and look out to watch the sun rise.

This is the type of winter morning that inspired this soap.

This is the type of winter morning that inspired this soap.

May I just say the sunrise in the Rockies is truly spectacular? Mary made a soap that celebrates that breath-taking beauty. Read what she has to say about her soap!

I lived most of my life in Nebraska and Colorado, and miss the serene beauty after the snow storm has passed, the sun has been out and is now fading. The deep blue against a pale blue sky, swirled with peach and white, offers a calmness I never tire of. It shows a glimpse of what is to come.

This is my CP soap submission:
I tilted my loaf mold and poured a small amount of white, colored with TD and Shimmer White Mica, with a Copper Mica pencil line (my first time using it) followed by a blue, and another Copper Mica Pencil line. I let this set up a couple of hours then spritzed with alcohol (to help the remaining soap batter ‘stick’.

Placing my mold upright, I continued with a new batch of soap divided into 4 colors. I used a Dark Blue Ultramarine, a Medium Blue Ultramarine, mixed with a Light Blue Mica (name unknown), White that I mixed the same as above, and a Peach color made with Peach Sunset Mica. I layered and swirled my colors. I used Hershey’s Cocoa
Powder as my final pencil line (my first time using this). The top is a simple swirl. My soap is scented with Icicles FO

Thank you so much for doing this……it really was a ‘Challenge’ and guided me to try a few new things. It was a LOT of fun.


Wow! If you compare the picture to the soap, there is an astounding resembalance! If you want to join in on the fun, remember that you have until March 15th to submit your photo and description! Read more about the challenge here!Taylor

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