Accessories are anything that go with your soaps, lotions and other hand made toiletries!

    2017 Weekly Adventurers Calendar

    Your favorite soapmaking weekly planner is back! We asked for your submissions and there were over 250 entries from soap makers around the world. It was hard to narrow down our choices, but we did it and we think you will love the 2017 Weekly Adventurers planner just as much as we do. This weekly calendar is for inspiration and fun. Keep track of your plans, shopping, soapmaking, or even use it as a journal! The book is very useful and is only waiting for your personal touch!

    Let me give you some highlights:
    8 x 8 inches format, easy carry with plenty of space to write;
    double loop wire bound for a lay-flat writing surface;
    80 lb text paper for each week, smooth for writing with pens or pencils;
    18 point cover weight paper for a durable case;
    each maker has their contact information alongside their winning photo;
    includes the whole month of December 2016 and January 2018; and

    Get the 2017 Weekly Adventurers Calendar for free with any $ 250 product order. Just check your order to make sure the product total (before shipping) is $ 250 or more to qualify for this item, then write in the comments field "I would like the 2017 Weekly Calendar, please." We'll take care of the rest by adding this to your order and making sure you are not charged for the item. You don't need to wait to get this item as a free gift, you can order it by just placing it in your shopping cart with the rest of your items. By placing one in your shopping cart and requesting one as your free gift you can get double the fun!

    Heat Sealable Tea Bags

    We now carry heat sealable tea bags so you can make your own tub teas! Ever wanted to bathe with lavender flowers or roses but couldn't live with the thought of peppermint in your belly button and lemon balm between your toes? Tea bags are the answer! Make any herb you desire into a bath potpourri blend without the need to deep clean the tub afterward. These tea bags will prevent the, "Who cleaned out the lawnmower in the bathtub?!!" syndrome.

    We also use these bags in the potpourri pot. The bags make for easy removal of the botanicals when you are ready for a new scent!

    Small bags are approximately 2.75 inches by 2.5 inches.

    Jumbo bags are approximately 4 inches by 5.5 inches.

    They are easily sealed with a household iron. Sold in packs of 50, 100 & 500. Bags are made from abaca fiber.

    Photo Note: From left to right are the small bag (200-5643) and the jumbo back (200-7343).

    Dipropylene Glycol

    INCI: Dipropylene Glycol

    We now have DPG! Are you making one of the fabulous diffuser reed bottles? DPG mixed with your fragrance oil will slow the evaporation of the fragrance so the scent lasts longer. Straight fragrance oil may last only a month or two (depending on how much is added to the bottle) but DPG can slow the rate of evaporation so your scent may last 6 months or more.

    For diffuser bottle people we recommend mixing DPG at 2 fl oz and fragrance oil at 2 fl oz into a 4 fl oz Amber Glass Bottle. Then ask your customers to add the mixture to their diffuser bottle when they get home. We like the apothecary bottle to have between 2 and 3 fl oz of scent mixture when we set the reeds inside. Please remind your customers that if they have been using an Almond scent in their diffuser bottles and now want Strawberry the reeds should be replaced. Similar fragrances do not need replacement of the reeds when changing scents.

    And a few soapmakers have asked us to get DPG to help accelerate the trace of their soap (yes, they really do want it for that) so the slow batches can be sped up a bit. A little goes a long way!

    16 fl oz weighs approximately 1.13 lbs; 1 Gallon weighs approximately 8.56 lbs

    Perfumery Kit

    I'm excited to release this amazing kit to our catalog. This kit is a great starting point with a collection of 100 bottles of fragrances and essential oils to play with! It was difficult to narrow down our wonderful collection of fragrances and essential oils to a mere collection of 100 when I had well over 200 items to pick from! This collection is intended to start providing you the inspiration that is needed to adventure out into the world of fragrance blending. This kit was given to each attending student in Andee's class at the 2016 HSCG event in May. This kit was much loved, had offers for purchase, and one was even retrieved after a panicked call to the conference center explain it was accidentally left behind!

    Included in the Perfumer's case are: A box with a holding compartment to protect the glass vials containing the fragrances and essentials.
    1 pack Perfume Testing Strips (item# 402-2380),
    1 pack of Sachet Cards (item# 401-1111),
    1 pack of perfume vials (item# 149-4012),
    a 100 pack of Micro Pipettes (item# 108-1802),
    a location identification sheet for your reference,
    a blending stand to prevent bottles from tipping over,
    2 Glass Roller Ball Bottles for your personal perfumes (item# 119-5111 or 119-5121),
    a 2 oz bottle of Coconut Oil Fractions (item# 300-5704),
    a notebook and pen,
    and a 2 oz jar of Goat Milk Cream Base (item# 403-8390).

    Once you have a blend you like, we've provided the materials for you to make your own perfume or scented cream!

    The kit is designed to help you learn how to blend fragrances and essential oils into new scents that are unique to you. Andee's class will follow so you can take it online, at your convenience.

    When you are finished playing for the day, close the kit and use the carry handle to store in the closet or under your desk. You can take this anywhere you want to go to find inspiration.

    The value of this kit is over $ 350!

    Perfume Testing Strips

    Our perfume testing strips are unmarked and perfect for testing new fragrances. We test blends of fragrances and various scented concoctions with these strips. Just dip the narrow end of the strip into your scenting oils and give a sniff. The wide end of the strips is perfect for recording the scent so you don't forget what you tested! Enjoy!

    Soap Boxes

    These new soap boxes are wonderful! The Kraft brown box is made to securely hold your soap with a beautiful peek-through window. The scent of the soap can easily be detected through the window and the box is recyclable. Use labels, rubber stamps or even handwrite on these boxes! The boxes have locks to secure the top in the closed position.

    Will hold a soap up to 3.75 inches wide, 2.75 height and 1.25 inches thick.


    Automatic discounts apply for 300, 500, 1000, and 5000 pieces in your shopping cart.

    Soap Boxes without Window

    Our Kraft brown box is made to securely hold your soap and its fragrance. You can spray the box with the soap fragrance before packaging to help the soap retain the scent longer. These boxes are recyclable! Use labels, rubber stamps or even write by hand on these boxes! The boxes have locks to secure the top in the closed position.

    Will hold a soap up to 3.75 inches wide, 2.75 height and 1.25 inches thick.


    Automatic discounts apply for 300, 500, 1000, and 5000 pieces in your shopping cart.

    Soap Boxes with Tucked Ends

    These boxes have ends that have tucks, these are not open top or open face boxes. All three sizes (small, medium and large) are with square windows!

    Please make sure that your soaps are no larger than these dimensions:
    Small: 1-7/8 x 3 x 7/8 inches
    Medium: 1-7/8 x 3-3/8 x 7/8 inches
    Large: 2-1/2 x 3-5/8 x 1-1/4 inches

    You might try cutting your soaps to these sizes and allowing the shrinkage to take care of a perfect fit.

    Remember, all boxes have windows to show off color and odor. To make your soaps stronger in scenting, spray the inside of each soap box with your choice of scenting oil and then close up. The box will retain some of the scent and give it to the air as well as back to the soap.


    Soap Cutter

    Do you pour your soaps into a block or loaf? We use this cutter to slice up our soaps in quick order. Sometimes this tool is called a bencher or bench scraper, or maybe even dough cutter. A simple tool with a ton of uses!

    Stainless steel construction and certainly dishwasher safe. If you use high quantities of scenting oils we recommend hand washing instead of the dishwasher. Any plastic parts in a dishwasher absorb scent or flavor oils and they give it back to every plastic part washed in the machine. Your drinking cup now tastes like Patchouly, your salad bowl tastes like Rain Orchid, your cheese tray tastes like Hinoki Wood. Not fun and you get the idea!

    The rounded handle area is easy on the hand and no hidden areas to harbor junk. Did I say this was an easy to clean item? It is!


Save on Neem!

Neem Oil
If you're looking for another product that's great for skin care, look no further than Neem Oil! A perfect addition to lotions, soaps and more! We've even dropped the price!

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