2017 Weekly Adventurers Calendar

We asked for your submissions and there were over 250 entries from soap makers around the world. It was hard to narrow down our choices, but we did it and we think you will love the 2017 Weekly Adventurers planner just as much as we do. This weekly calendar is for inspiration and fun. Keep track of your plans, shopping, soapmaking, or even use it as a journal! The book is very useful and is only waiting for your personal touch!

Heat Sealable Tea Bags

We now carry heat sealable tea bags so you can make your own tub teas! Ever wanted to bathe with lavender flowers or roses but couldn't live with the thought of peppermint in your belly button and lemon balm between your toes? Tea bags are the answer! Make any herb you desire into a bath potpourri blend without the need to deep clean the tub afterward.

Dipropylene Glycol


Dipropylene Glycol

We now have DPG! Are you making one of the fabulous diffuser reed bottles? DPG mixed with your fragrance oil will slow the evaporation of the fragrance so the scent lasts longer. Straight fragrance oil may last only a month or two (depending on how much is added to the bottle) but DPG can slow the rate of evaporation so your scent may last 6 months or more.

Perfumery Kit

This kit is a great starting point with a collection of 100 bottles of fragrances and essential oils to play with! It was difficult to narrow down our wonderful collection of fragrances and essential oils to a mere collection of 100 when I had well over 200 items to pick from! This collection is intended to start providing you the inspiration that is needed to adventure out into the world of fragrance blending.

Perfume Testing Strips

Our perfume testing strips are unmarked and perfect for testing new fragrances. We test blends of fragrances and various scented concoctions with these strips. Just dip the narrow end of the strip into your scenting oils and give a sniff.

Soap Boxes

These new soap boxes are wonderful! The Kraft brown box is made to securely hold your soap with a beautiful peek-through window. The scent of the soap can easily be detected through the window and the box is recyclable.

Soap Boxes without Window

Our Kraft brown box is made to securely hold your soap and its fragrance. You can spray the box with the soap fragrance before packaging to help the soap retain the scent longer. These boxes are recyclable!

Soap Boxes with Tucked Ends

These boxes have ends that have tucks, these are not open top or open face boxes. All three sizes (small, medium and large) are with square windows!

Soap Cutter

Do you pour your soaps into a block or loaf? We use this cutter to slice up our soaps in quick order. Sometimes this tool is called a bencher or bench scraper, or maybe even dough cutter. A simple tool with a ton of uses!