We have seen, on multiple occassions, the best packaged gifts always get the ooohs and ahhs. Don't let your gift get over looked because it isn't wrapped!

    While we know image is the first impression, we don't believe wrapping must be expensive. Our high quality bags are a simple and cost effective way to enhance the image of your products. Your handmade creations deserve special packaging.

    Please note that none of the bags listed here are intended to hold liquid items.

    Clear Gusseted Bags

    We really like bath salts in the gusseted style because the bag can sit upright without support and appears bulky, not skimpy. A gusseted bag is like the paper sack your mother packed your lunch in, they have sides and balloon out to hold the product in a box shape.

    The 3.5 x 7 X 2 inches bag is our most popular. The 4 X 9.5 X 2.5 inch bag is great for bulky items that aren't too large. The 6 x 13.5 X 4 inch bags, also called Joan's Potpourri Bag, are ideal for potpourri as they are very large.

    Premium grade material for extra strength. Each packet of bags contains 100 bags. Clear only.

    Discount applies with purchase of 10 or more packets.

    Photo Note: Shown from left to right. 6x11 (202-4904) with Cedar Tips, 4x9.5 (202-4914) with Lavender Buds (512-8873) and 3.5x7 (202-4974) with Rose Buds (512-8863).

    Flat Cellophane Bags

    These flat style bags have a nice side seam so you don't need to worry about a front or back to the bag. A real time saver in setting up your gift baskets or display.

    The 3x5 inch size nicely holds a small soap bar or single serving bath salts. Premium grade material for extra strength.

    The 4x6 size bag will nicely hold a bath size bar or a 1/4 lb. of bath salts. The 4x6 size will also hold a few small sized bath bombs.

    The 6x8 size bag will hold potpourri, handmade wash cloths, or a really large size soap. Each packet of bags contains 100 bags. Clear only.

    Discount applies with purchase of 10 or more packets.

    Photo Note: Shown from left to right, 6x8 (202-4964), 4x6 (202-4994) and 3x5 (202-4984).

    Self Sealing Bags

    The cute bags which have a tape section are perfect for soaps, bath bombs, gifts and more. The bags are approximately 4.37 x 6.5 inches. The fold over flap has a tape strip in place and a quick removal of the protective paper reveals the tape so just fold over and press down. Sealed!!!

    I am sure you can find great uses for these bags. Even cookies can be brought to an event in a sanitary presentation.

    Send in your photos for using these bags! We will post your photos and give credit!

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