Closures, Size 20
Closures, Size 20

Spray Head Closure Regular Tube
Size 20

Add a spray head to a smaller bottle and away you go with a room spray or body refresher spray.

Please note: The tubes in these sprays are cut to fit the 2 oz Boston Round bottles, 2 oz MDPE bottles, 1 oz LDPE bottles or the 1 oz PET cylinder bottles.

Photo Note: These spray tops are shown on the 2 oz PET bottles.

Disk Top Closures
Size 20

These caps fit any of the size 20 bottles. We suggest using them on the squeezable 2 oz MDPE bottles but not the 2 oz PET bottles. The PET plastic isn't nearly as squeezable as we think it should be for this type of closure, we suggest using a pump instead.

Available in white and black.

Photo Note: Shown (from left to right) are: White Disk Top and Black Disk Top.

Non-Dispensing Cap
Size 20

The size 20 bottles you order just might need to have a non-dispensing cap. The caps help for items just to thick to come out of a disk top, sprayer or pump.

Caps have a liner. This liner is good for most lotions and soaps.

Pump Top Closure
Size 20

This pump top is often called a treatment pump. It dispenses a small amount of precious oils or intense creams. We love it! Try it when making a simple cuticle massage oil from your favorite liquid oil. Ours is avocado and jojoba!

Photo Note: This pump is shown on the 2 oz PET bottle.

Please note the tube for this pump is only suitable for the 2 oz Boston Round, 2 oz MDPE, 1 oz LDPE or 1 oz PET Cylinder bottles.