Equipment and Scales
Equipment and Scales

1500 Newton Compact Scale

The 1500 gram Newton Compact balance has 0.1 gram readability, and 1500 gram capacity which is perfect for making lotions and lip balms.


6100 Newton Compact Scale

This is my favorite type of scale. I can do so many lotions and lip balms and soaps in small test batches and then in larger production batches. This is wonderful!

This balance has a 0.1 gram readability and 6100 gram capacity. The mass is included.


Cure Cards

Also in our Free Gifts and Teas category!

Our Cure Cards are to help all soapmakers keep great records on when the soap has fully cured. These cards will allow recording of the weight of a lead bar of soap to ensure that the soap has lost all water possible for the location it has been stored. Each pad contains 50 sheets!


Gloves, Protective

Gloves are necessary to protect your hands from splatters. Ours are made from latex coated with Nitril. You can wash them in the washing machine and hang them upside-down to dry. Helpful hint: Fold a small cuff at the open end of each glove to prevent drips running to your elbow.

The gloves come in sizes 8, 9 and 10.



Goggles are a MUST HAVE item. Do not attempt to make soap without protecting your eyes.


Lip Balm Filling Tray

OK, the deadline draws near and you still have to make the lip balm! Not to worry, this tray will rescue your behind from the proverbial hot spot. And don't just take our word on these trays. In the first 2 weeks we had 60 trays go to good homes. These trays helped their owners in major lip balm production! We hear great comments about these trays daily.


Lip Balm Filling Tray - BIGGER Tubes

We have a filling tray for the BIGGER lip balm tubes! These 1/2 oz tubes are the bottom twist tubes in our catalog. They make a great bigger lip balm or perfume stick. This tray can help you fill them quickly and efficiently. Make 20 tubes in a flood style filling and once the tubes are cool you can cap and GO!


Lip Balm Filling Tray - BIG Tubes

We have a filling tray for the BIG lip balm tubes! These 1/4 oz tubes are the nice collar twist tubes in our catalog. They make a great big lip balm or treatment stick. This tray can help you fill them quickly and efficiently. Make 20 tubes in a flood style filling and once the tubes are cool you can cap and GO!


Lip Balm Tray - Mini Tube

The tray for the mini lip balm tubes is here! Now you can quickly fill the mini tubes and make 50 tubes at one time. The trays make producing quick and easy.


Lotion Bar Filling Tray

We now have a filling tray for the lotion bar containers! These tubes are like a jumbo lip balm so you can apply a solid lotion to rough spots, like hands, knees and elbows. The tray allows you to fill 20 tubes at a time.


Measuring Scoops for Colorants

For visual aid the .15 cc is about the same size as half a pea, 1.25 cc is the same as 1/4 teaspoon. We generally keep a scoop with each colorant we have.

Pail Wrench

Are you tired of bruising your hands trying to open a pail of oil? Try one of these pail wrenches! This wrench will give the leverage to open your stubborn pails.

Want to know how these work? Just click here to read our blog entry about pail wrenches!

pH Testing Strips

Not sure what pH a product has? Use these strips to find out! The inexpensive nature of our pH strips makes them a fun activity to teach you, and your children, all about acidity and alkalinity. Take the afternoon and test common items around the house like: spit, ketchup, lotion, soap, milk, lemonade, ice cream, etc. The color chart on the vial will allow you to determine the pH of the product. Each vial contains 100 strips.

Repurpose Labels

Do you need a reminder to the family that you have repurposed a pail from MMS to be your compost bucket?

This label is printed and safe to run through the dishwasher (it won\'t curl, bleed, peel or get washed away). It is entirely water proof and allows you to do a deep clean on your pail by using the dishwasher for a good washing job.

These labels are FREE with any order. Just add them to your order. If you have multiple pails on your order we will send multiple labels.

Repurpose! Reuse! Make the Earth a little greener by putting green waste in your garden and not in the landfill.

Slim Kitchen Scale

Do you need a decent scale but aren't ready for the big leagues? Many of our soap makers want a good scale to get started in their hobby but are put off by the bigger and better scales. An entry level scale is what our catalog has been missing! To solve this problem we now have a slim profile scale that weighs in 1 gram or 0.25 ounce increments. The capacity is 3 Kg or 7 lbs. While this is not the ideal scale for making lip balm or lotions because of the readability (0.1 gram readability is recommended for these items), this scale is great for soap makers or people who use the bases and just need to weigh out 8 oz of cream for a single jar. The scale has a tare so you can put your container on the scale, press tare and the display will show only what you put INSIDE the container! Isn't that cool?

This scale has a digital readout so you don't need to get your glasses out to determine where the little line is measuring!

This scale needs 3 AAA batteries and they are included with the scale!


Soap Buckets

As long as you are dedicating your tools to soapmaking, why not get a container that is just right for the job? You will no longer have to rob your kitchen for the perfect pot. The 87 oz bucket works nice for one or two pound fat batches. If you want to try your hand at something larger, use a 1, 2 or 3 gallon size. The 1, 2 and 3 gallon sizes all have wire handles for easy carrying. These are great for storing oils and clays too! Lids included. In our shop we will even put the 1 and 2 gallon buckets in the microwave, just make sure the handle will have at least 2 inches of clearance from any side of the oven. The 2 inches of clearance will prevent arcing.

Photo Note: Buckets shown from left to right are: 5 gallon, 3.5 gallon, 2 gallon, 1 gallon and 87 oz.

Soap Cutter

Do you pour your soaps into a block or loaf? We use this cutter to slice up our soaps in quick order. Sometimes this tool is called a bencher or bench scraper, or maybe even dough cutter. A simple tool with a ton of uses!

Soap Spoon

Everyone needs a good soap spoon. Our spoon has an open center and can really get the contents of your soap pot moving. The spoon won't turn wimpy when you stir hot oils either! This spoon can take the heat, up to 425 degrees F! Dedicate your tools to your craft and leave the good kitchen tools for cooking.


When I first started making soap I used a candy thermometer to check the temperature of my lye. I then dunked the thermometer into my oils. The numbers came off and were floating in my soap batch! This sent me looking for a new candy thermometer and a new soap thermometer. That is when I found these workhorse tools! I love the small size, easy to read button dial and the protective sleeve! I can take my thermometer with me in my pocket and not get a puncture wound. I am sure you will love having a nice stainless steel thermometer too, unless of course you want to make number soap!

603-2011 Detail:
The temperature range is 0 to 220 F. Stem length is 4-3/4 inches, dial face is approximately 1 inch in diameter.

Toddy Maker

OMG! Have you *ever* had a real cold brewed coffee? It is incredible! There is no way my description can do justice to the method of making coffee the cold way. I love the extract process this method uses. EASY!

We have these Toddy makers in our warehouse so you can make your own coffee extract and drink up! We even have some awesome coffees to try from our local roaster. Yummers!

Do you want to know why you need TWO Toddy makers? Well, you need one for your coffee and one for your soapmaking. Imagine the herbs and other plant materials you can use to make extracts. You NEED one of these for your soap room. Trust me. Now, here is the hard part. Ask Taylor for a video on how to make the extracts in your soap lab. She'll do one for the blog here at TheSage! If you aren't a reader of our blog, then you need to be!

Don't forget that we have a section of coffee beans in our catalog. The whole coffee beans should be ground to a French Press type grind. Don't share your grinder with your herbs! Use 12 ounces of beans to make the best extract. Our coffee beans are in 12 ounce sizes for your convenience!

Served hot or cold, you won't believe how good the coffee is when brewed cold!

Get the Toddy Maker for free with any $ 800 product order. Just check your order to make sure the product total (before shipping) is $ 800 or more to qualify for this item, then write in the comments field "I would like the Toddy Maker, please." We'll take care of the rest by adding the Toddy Maker to your order and making sure you are not charged for the item. You don't need to wait to get this item as a free gift, you can order it by just placing it in your shopping cart with the rest of your items. By placing one in your shopping cart and requesting one as your free gift you can get double the fun!

Transfer Pipettes (droppers)
Large and Small

Pipettes are often called droppers. Use these transfer pipettes to fill lip balm tubes, measure small amounts of fragrance, liquid colorants and more. Once you have these on hand, you will find even more uses.

The small dropper has a capacity of 3.5 mL, there are 5 mL in a teaspoon. Markings on the side will show each 1/2 mL increment.

The Large Pipette has a capacity of 7 to 8 mL and there are no markings on the sides of the pipette. Pipettes are plastic and disposable.

Photo Note: The Large pipettes are shown with a small pipette for contrast.

Transfer Pipettes, Micro

These mini pipettes are perfect for making small jars of cream when you need just a few drops of a fragrance, extract, color or some special addition! These micro pipettes hold about 1 mL when filled into the bulb. Very handy to have for mixing small amounts of anything!


Pump for 1 Gallon Bottles

This pump is great for oils, lotions, soaps and gels. Each stroke of the pump dispenses about 1 ounce of product, thicker gels and soaps may be less.