Lip Balm Jars and Sifters
Lip Balm Jars and Sifters

Baby Lip Balm Jar

This baby pot is so cute! The clear jar and lid ar sold as a pair. The jar holds about 5 mL worth of product (this is about 1 teaspoon). The jar is about 1.2 inches in diameter and about 0.6 inches tall. Great for small pockets or anything else! Enjoy!

Sifters for Lip Balm Jars

We have sifters for the 10 mL jars! You can do mineral makeup and use your fine brushes to apply the mineral makeup and powders. The 10 mL jars are a low profile appearance. We are sure you will enjoy the versatile nature these jars now offer.

Lip balm and mineral makeup in the same size jars! What a great addition to your line!