Beard and Hair Oil Base

Our natural Beard Oil Base is the absolute top quality that you already associate with products from MMS. This oil is ready to bottle as is or you can customize it with additional essential and fragrance oils of your choice! You can even pick from our popular barbershop scented base or our unscented base.More ...

Body Butter, Paraben Free

This butter is the thickest of all our bases. It is almost a salve like consistency.

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Body Cream Base

Our body cream base is super thick! Rough knees and elbows are a thing of the past!

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Body Milk Base, Paraben Free

Use this lighter lotion all over the body, hands, feet and face.

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Goat Milk Cream Base


Goat Milk Cream Base

Our newest cream is made with goat milk! The cream is very viscous and luxurious on the skin. It is fine for anywhere you need some serious moisturization for the skin. Wondermous!!!!

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Head to Toe Cream, Paraben Free

The cream is slightly translucent and is deeply moisturizing. Use it on your knees, hands, legs or feet.


Lotion Base, Paraben Free

This lotion leaves a silky, almost powdery feeling on the skin.

Massage Cream Base, Paraben Free

This cream has given us a longer glide and slip for rubbing out overused muscles and applying tender massages to children.

Oil Perfection Base

Oil Perfection is our wonderful oil base. Use this non-greasy formulation everywhere! We passed out scented samples with treatment pumps and labeled it as a beard oil.

Pump for 1 Gallon Bottles

This pump is great for oils, lotions, soaps and gels. Each stroke of the pump dispenses about 1 ounce of product, thicker gels and soaps may be less.

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