A good scale is vital to the success of a batch of soap or any body care product. We have proven over and over again that a good scale can be all the difference needed between success and failure. Don't cheat yourself if you are serious about making soaps, lotions and related products.

    Slim Kitchen Scale

    Do you need a decent scale but aren't ready for the big leagues? Many of our soap makers want a good scale to get started in their hobby but are put off by the bigger and better scales. An entry level scale is what our catalog has been missing! To solve this problem we now have a slim profile scale that weighs in 1 gram


    1500 Newton Compact Scale

    The 1500 gram Newton Compact balance has 0.1 gram readability, and 1500 gram capacity which is perfect for making lotions and lip balms. This product has an easy to read LCD screen which is backlight. Ever try to read the numbers on a scale when the day is overcast? Backlight to the rescue!

    This scale can use AA bat


    6100 Newton Compact Scale

    This is my favorite type of scale. I can do so many lotions and lip balms and soaps in small test batches and then in larger production batches. This is wonderful!

    This balance has a 0.1 gram readability and 6100 gram capacity. The mass is included. The display is a backlight LCD. The scale can operate on AA ba


Lip Balm Color Pack

Variety Pack Oil Soluble Colors
The new lip balm colors can color body butters, sugar scrubs or any oil product!

Disposable Droppers

Transfer Pipettes (droppers)
Large and Small

Pipettes are often called droppers. Use these transfer pipettes to fill lip balm tubes, measure small amounts of fragrance, liquid colorants and more. Once you have these on hand, you will find even more uses.