1/4 oz Dropper Bottle Kit

This is a dropper bottle we use a lot for mixing colors. The bottle will hold 1/4 fl oz and has a dropper that allows dispensing by drop or by stream. This item is sold only as a complete package with bottle, dropper tip and cap as a single item.

This package is not intended for dispensing undiluted essential or fragrance oils. The package may be used for dispensing fixed oils with a fragrance load of 1% or less.

1 oz Dropper Bottle Kit

This is a dropper bottle we use a lot for mixing colors. The bottle will hold 1 fl oz and has a dropper that allows dispensing by drop or by stream. This item is sold only as a complete package with bottle, dropper tip and cap as a single item.

This package is not intended for dispensing undiluted essential or fragrance oils. The package may be used for dispensing fixed oils with a fragrance load of 1% or less.

1 oz Jar and Cap Set

This one ounce jar has been a sample size for our blog for a while. We thought it was an easy to dispense jar (about the opening of a gallon jug) and had enough product to really test. We have had lots of really good reviews on this jar. We are adding this jar to the catalog because of the positive reviews. Until we have other containers and cap options this jar will be sold as a set only. The height of the jar and cap together is 1-9/16 inches, and diameter is 1-9/16 inches. Yes, it appears more square!

1 oz, Clear PET jars with Black Straight-Sided lids. The lids are lined to help stop leaking.

This jar has a shrink band, the product code is 806-8045 for a 100 pack of shrink bands.


Bath Salt Tubes

Our clear tubes will show off every salt crystal in the tube! Our silver cap is polished to a brilliant shine. Show off your salts with, or without, color!

These containers are definitely high end. We were thinking "presentation, presentation, presentation." Just add a label, ribbon, or hang tag. Stephanie asks, "Can you say tube-a-licious?"

Caps are included. Tubes are approximately 1-1/4 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. Holds approximately 4 ounces of salt.

A shrink band is available for this container. To order Bath Salt Tube Shrink Bands click here.

Crystal Spatulas

We have been asked to carry a spatula for removing cream from a cosmetic jar. This attempt at a more sanitary use is not only elegant but smart! Our new spatulas are Crystal Clear! Just over 3 inches long make them very transportable.

Deodorant Tubes, Mini Sized

We had a special request to offer these mini-sized deodorant tubes. It wasn't until I put one of our Lip Solutions mixtures in this tube and was able to use it that I fell in love! It is small, portable, suitable for a larger pocket (not skinny jeans pockets) and was super nice for using on a scar. My doctor advised applying a thick lotion or salve like material to the scar and rubbing the skin. He explained that scar tissue does not stretch and give like undamaged skin so applying gentle pressure to make the scar work allows for the skin to thin and become more flexible. Big, thick scars are terribly uncomfortable when the skin just doesn't move and bend like the rest of the skin on the body.

You might try a deodorant, a lip balm, a lotion bar or other type of product in these tubes. If you are a deodorant maker send in a written description and story so we can make you a guest blogger for the day.

You know, it is all about the details so let me give you some numbers:
Height: 2.38 inches
Width (longest): 1.47 inches
Width (narrowest): 0.69 inches
Circumference of Label Area: 3.75 inches
Label Height: max of 1.63 inches
Capacity: 0.4 ounces*
Color: White
Sold only in Sets - a tube and cap is a set.

*Please note that your mixture may have a specific gravity or density than our Lip Solutions so this weight may be very different for you. Test to determine what this tube holds for your mixture.

Fine Mist Sprayer Bottle Set

Our newest spray bottle is rather a technical genius! You know the trigger finger fatigue after a day of cleaning or other spray application. Fatigue no more! This bottle has an internal liner which allows the contents to become pressurized with a few quick succession pumps. The bottle will then spray for several seconds without another squeeze.

Using this aerosol-like bottle is simple; fill the bottle with water or other desired product, LABEL, press cap down on to bottle and give a slight twist. The sprayer is now engaged on the bottle, and spraying can commence. I've been using a water-filled bottle to mist my feet and neck during this warm summer. I have used a bottle to mist my watercolor paints so I can enjoy a session of painting. I have even filled the sprayer with a light solid-surface cleaner (a bit of water and vinegar). The bottles and sprayers are white, so labeling is an absolute must.

Bottles are sold as singles, and as a 16-pack (which fits nicely in a box). I expect these bottles to be used with hydrosols, flower waters, dilute vinegar cleaners, and even plain water. I have enjoyed this sprayer at the dryer as I remove wrinkles with a few sprays and a quick shake. I know you will be so tickled to use this spray bottle for your fine-mist applications.

This bottle holds 10.75 ounces of water.

Spray on!

Lotion Bar Filling Tray

We now have a filling tray for the lotion bar containers! These tubes are like a jumbo lip balm so you can apply a solid lotion to rough spots, like hands, knees and elbows. The tray allows you to fill 20 tubes at a time. Follow the tutorial for the lip balm tube trays and you will be set!

Don't forget to order the Lotion Bar tubes for use with this tray.

This tray is for the Lotion Bar tubes in our catalog. See the lotion bar tubes here.

This tray can be washed in the dishwasher.

We have a couple of hints for users.
1) Pour the lip balm mixture as cool as possible. The tubes can become mis-shapen if the lip balm mix is super hot. Use our quick test to determine if your lip mixture is ready: stir the mixture with a pipette, hold the pipette horizontal after stirring, if the pipette bends downward then the mixture is WAY too hot. If the pipette holds it's rigid form and the mixture is still clear then the mixture is at perfect pouring temperature.
2) Load the tray with tubes just before filling. Long term storage of tubes held in the tray can cause temporary distortion of the tubes. To return tubes to their original shape, remove them from the tray and allow them to sit without their caps for a few days.
3) Allow the filled tubes to fully cool before removing from the tray. This may take a hour depending on the temperatures of the lip balm mixture and the room where you are working. Then, when the tubes are cool, give the tube a twist just before pulling straight out. The lip balm mixture at the top of the tube (the glorious crown!) can be damaged if the lip balm is too soft when removed from the tray. Patience is certainly an asset in this case.

ATTENTION! Before you use this tray please look VERY closely at the tutorial. Specifically look at the picture that shows the first pour into the tray. There are three tubes that have been filled and the fourth tube is being filled in the photo. We want you to notice the cooled lip balm mixture around the top of the Pyrex container. Please stir your lip balm mixture until it develops a haze just like this photo. If you pour while the lip balm is still too hot then the tubes can be temporarily warped. When the warping happens the caps may not fit tightly. If you will cool the lip balm mixture until a haze develops the chances of warping the tubes is greatly decreased.

What happens if you have poured too hot? Well, we suggest placing the cap on the tube then fitting a shrink band over the tube and heat shrinking the band. This short period of heating will relax the plastic tube and allow it to go back to the original size.

To see the Lotion Bar Tubes, click here.


Shaker Bottles

This container is in Unique Items because it has its own lid and is sold as a set. No options are given, just the jar and a white lid.

Where would you use a shaker like this? Well, I first used it to contain all the dried peppers I made last year, and ground up into a powder. Easy shaking in the kitchen now! I have a HOT jar, and a MILD jar. You've got to warn a body, ya know?

Secondly, I used this jar to make a carpet freshener. A bit of lavender buds, some baking soda and a small amount of essential oil. Sprinkle on the carpet and vacuum up after 10 minutes. What are other things you could use inside this container? A scented epsom salt mix for the laundry? Give us a shout and let us know!

Trigger Sprayers
Bottles & Spray Heads

This product has had an update. We are now selling the sprayers and the bottles as a complete kit. The sprayers will not fit another bottle, and the bottle doesn't have another closure option. Therefore, it is a UNIQUE ITEM. The sprayer is natural, and the bottle is clear. At this time we only have the 12 oz bottle.

Now you can do room sprays, body sprays, cleaning solutions and more! The complete package is ready for your product and decoration. Colorful labels would look great on a package like this.

The sprayers also have a ON or OFF setting to prevent accidental dispensing.

As with our other containers these will automatically discount at 300, 500, 1000 and 5000 pieces.

Pump for 1 Gallon Bottles

This pump is great for oils, lotions, soaps and gels. Each stroke of the pump dispenses about 1 ounce of product, thicker gels and soaps may be less. This pump fits all of our one gallon sizes of oils or bases.

And every once in a while you may need an empty jug with the pump. Now you can order them through our catalog too!